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Business Scheme

Our Business!

Our business model is to simply integrate fully with the client IT organization: to speak client language, formulate client needs and fulfill client requirements with regard to external delivery and service providers.

Insight Informatics does not claim partnership to any service provider or hardware vendor. Its primary loyalty and partnership is with the client only. As such, we are considered as part of the IT landscape of the client and as counselors dedicated to:


- help shaping strategic IS roadmaps
- presenting IT governance methodology
- assessing implementation risks
- supporting vendor selection and providing an expert approach
- solving change management issues related to ERP implementations.

And much more...

Often most, the client is left on his own, straddling project managements and in the same time running the daily IT operations. The client, thus, has no alternative except turning to and relying heavily on the consulting firm(s) which first serves, naturally, their own interests rather than the client's own.
Insight Informatics approach is to be fully at the client's side, without the weight of divided loyalty, nor the constraints of client's resource assignments..

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