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NightWatch® - Off Hours SAP Coverage




Don't let the sun set on your SAP coverage.

  NightWatch is the unique Avaxia Consulting support offering for organizations requiring off-hours support coverage. Why risk burning the candle at both ends when Avaxia Consulting experts will proactively monitor and administer your SAP systems during nights, weekends, and holidays?
    Your organization can receive 24x5 coverage during the regular business weekdays, as well as a 30-minute response time for weekends and major holidays, regardless of time zone or your business' primary hours of operations.

Avaxia Consulting NightWatch services for SAP system administration includes:


  • In-the-chair proactive monitoring

  • 24x7 coverage

  • Instant access to Basis support technicians

  • Peace of mind that your systems are in the hands of experts

  • 2/3 the cost of staffing of an internal employee


When alerting and pagers aren't enough to guarantee complete coverage for mission-critical systems, globally known organizations trust Avaxia Consulting NightWatch coverage for effective SAP system management.


Also view Avaxia Consulting comprehensive service offerings for SAP administration, ALLINSIGHT® and TotalSecurity®.


Contact US today to discuss how our affordable experts can support your SAP environment 24x7 today!



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